How to win more vitamins?

Exchange vitamins with your friends:

You can send a vitamin to each of your Is Cool friends. As soon as they have accepted this vitamin, you can send them another, and so on. Similarly, once a friend has sent you a vitamin, you must accept it before they are able to send you another. The more friends you have, the more quickly you can collect vitamins! To add new friends on Is Cool, click the green ‘Invite’ button on the game bar.

Tickets to scratch:

Click “Tickets” to go to the tickets page and discover all the Is Cool tickets. With these, you can win vitamins and images! To play them, click on the ticket and pass your mouse repeatedly over the ticket to reveal your prize. The ‘Free-Ticket’ is a free instant win that you can play daily. With it you can win up to 50 vitamins each day!

Complete a theme:

As soon as you have collected all of the images in an Is Cool theme, you unlock a Jackpot to play. Click on this to win extra vitamins!

Vitamin Shooter:

Play the Vitamin Shooter every day to win up to 100 vitamins. Train yourself to click on the pelican and catch the vitamin at the right moment. If the pelican starts to glow, it is nearly too late!



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