How to win more images?

Level up:

The more vitamins you accumulate, by scratching your Free Ticket daily and by receiving vitamins from your friends, the quicker you will level up and change your Kiwi. Each time level up and become a new kiwi, you receive an image!

Exchange images:

Ask your friends what images they are missing, and vice versa. You can then exchange with them. Please note that you can only give images that you have in double; click the image and then select the name of your friend to whom you wish to give the image.
The ‘Doubles’ button in your scrapbooks allows you to see all of your image doubles at once. Select an image and the pop up where you can select your friends will appear. Looking for an image but none of your friends seem to have it? Post a request on the exchanges forum.


Become a fan:

By clicking on the button “Like” on the game page, you become a fan of Is Cool. You will be automatically kept up to date with the latest news of the game, and each week when you first connect to the game (for example on Monday) you will receive two extra images as well as your daily image. Click here to access the fanpage!


Bonus pack:

The Bonus Pack rewards your loyalty every day:

- Receive a new gift every consecutive day you play the game
- Play 7 days in a row and win up to 8 bonus images
- Every time you play Is Cool, a pop up shows you your progression

Treasure Hunt:

Treasure maps are unlocked by sending vitamins several times throughout the day. Only the first person to click on the published map wins a gold coin. Collect 5 coins and receive a pack of 10 images!

Warning: Please note that each Sunday at midnight (French time, UTC+1) the number of coins collected will be reset to zero.


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