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Mammoth Party:

The Mammoth Party usually takes place one day each week. This date is chosen at random (it could just as likely be a Sunday as a Tuesday). During this day, the game will ask if you would like to publish a Mammoth on your wall. If enough of your friends ‘throw a Koala at your Mammoth’ by clicking on your message, you will win an image for your collection! And each time that you throw a Koala at the Mammoth of a friend you will win vitamins.

Note n° 1: Click on your Mammoth to find out how many friends have participated in your Mammoth Party.
Note n° 2: If you have not yet published your Mammoth, click on the Mammoth Party icon in your TO DO list. A page will appear enabling you to publish your Mammoth.


Deal or Mole Deal:

Bet your doubles for your chance to win new images. The Stockfather offers you a new deal each day of the week with Deal or Mole Deal! Each deal is available for 24 hours (6am UTC+1 to 6am UTC+1 the next day). If you don’t have enough doubles to play, exchange images on the exchanges forum here.

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