Is Cool - Introduction and Games Rules


Vitamins show you your “Cool” level. The more you have, the better. With the vitamins, you level up and discover all the wacky Kiwi levels in the game. They equally allow you to see where you are in the game compared to your friends. You receive a vitamin each day that you connect to the game, and of course you receive vitamins from your friends!



Each day you play the game you receive an image. The cool images are organised in your scrapbook by theme, which are each linked to the Kiwi levels. For example, you have the ‘Fairy Tales’ theme, the ‘Firefighter’ theme and even the ‘Mom’ theme! Not all of the images have the same rarity: the largest images, known as the ’7s’ or 'Super Rare,' are the most difficult to obtain.


How to play:

The game menu bar below contains all the information you need to play.

"Kiwi" takes you to your character scrapbook. Here you can see all the levels of Is Cool, indicated by a different kiwi character for each level.

"Scrapbooks" shows you the percentage of your scrapbook that has been completed. The number in the red bubble indicates the number of cool images that you have received today; if you click it, a pop up will appear showing you which images these are. Click here to go to your your scrapbooks. Use the yellow arrows to move between your scrapbooks:

  • Kiwi Scrapbook: the scrapbook where you collect the images currently distributed in the game.
  • Collector Scrapbook, 2010/2011 Edition: all the 2010 and 2011 scrapbook that are no longer distributed.
  • Limited Edition Scrapbook: the most difficult images to get.
  • Discovery Scrapbook: the scrapbook you complete on your arrival on Is Cool!

The "My Doubles" button shows you all the image doubles you have. Click on this icon to display these images and to send them easily to your friends.

"Mr. Kwizz" takes you to the Is Cool quiz page. Challenge you friends to a quiz made up of 5 questions and win extra vitamins!

"Tickets" takes you to your ticket page where you can win vitamins or images by scratching tickets. Here you’ll find the Free Ticket, Movie Ticket and special tickets.  

"Forum" a place where you can meet other players and exchange your images.

To Do:

If you have an action to carry out in the game (such as a ticket to scratch, a game of deal or mole deal to play), you will see an icon appear either on the left of your screen or in the TO DO menu (click on the TO DO button on your game bar).


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