Play Is Cool Worry Free!

Is Cool is a free game. You are able to access all the game functionalities with no obligation to pay. The purchase of images or vitamins in Is Cool simply lets you accelerate the completion of your scrapbooks.

To maximize your enjoyment of the game, we recommend that you:

  • Play responsibly, so that your enjoyment of the game remains your primary motivation.
  • Stay cool! Exchanging images with the community can sometimes be frustrating or unpleasant. Please mind your manners, as you would in real life, and remain respectful towards all other players.
  • Report any abusive comments (insults, pornographic content, racist remarks…) to Facebook and our support team.
  • Purchase responsibly. By no means should your in-game purchases be excessive or go above your means. 

Most of all, remember that this is only a game, and should always remain fun for you and others!

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